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Personal Surveillance Devices

LTE/4G HD Camera PRO LTE/4G HD Camera PRO
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    LTE/4G HD Camera PRO The most complete advanced 4G/LTE communication system for invisible operation, perfect for Private Detectives, Journalists, Security Personel, Presentations, Meetings, Speeches and more. Deliver high-quality Photos & Full-HD Videos to your partner on the ot..
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Bluetooth Earpiece SX-PRO Bluetooth Earpiece SX-PRO
SX PRO Professional Earpiece Headset The world's first completely unnoticeable and compact Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece communication device taking your communication with yourpartner to the next level. Be in-touch with your team of helpers, assistants and advisors without being noticed during an ..
Excl. VAT:269.67€
Earpiece Bundle Earpiece Bundle
    How it works? The Earpieces are completely invisible magnetic earbuds that fit in your ear and are completely hidden & unnoticable. The Magnetic Invisible Earpiece requires No Battery! — they are passive recievers that reproduce the Voice & Audio which you can then hear in your ears..
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Body Hidden Case
Invisible Hidden Case   An additional option in your arsenal. No need to worry about where to hide and attach your 4G/LTE HD Camera PRO  or SX PRO any more! The Hidden Case will easily fit a Device and any cables inside. This Hidden Case has been specifically designed to co..
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