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Body Hidden Case

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Body Hidden Case
Body Hidden Case
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Invisible Hidden Case


An additional option in your arsenal. No need to worry about where to hide and attach your 4G/LTE HD Camera PRO  or SX PRO any more! The Hidden Case will easily fit a Device and any cables inside. This Hidden Case has been specifically designed to comfortably carry all of our Invisible HD Camera & SX PRO completely hidden around your body. With its Slim design and your module inside it is practically invisible under your clothes.


The Invisible Hidden Case attaches to your body with a Quick-Release Buckle making it very convenient to attach to your body or remove. The attachment Buckle is by itself adjustable and can be made to fit any body-type with ease and It can be attached anywhere on your body. It can be attached around your waist, leg or some place else - it is up to you!

It reduces clutter. The cables can be neatly organized and seamlessly attached. You can also tuck-away any unnecessary cables in it that you might not need, before you might have needed to tape them away, but not any more. The product is made from comfortable & quality materials and it is easily washable.


Compatible Models


The Invisible Hidden Case is compatible with all of our Bluetooth & MP3 SET's and Invisible Earpiece Full HD 3G GSM Camera. Compatible Models:

  • 4G/LTE HD Camera PRO
  • SX PRO

Different Sizes


It comes in three different sizes for the attachment Buckle:

  • Standard (10cm)
  • Small (20cm)
  • Large (30cm)




Color Black
Compatible with 4G/LTE HD Camera PRO, SX PRO
Material Skin-frendly soft material
Package Size / Weight 120x65mm (50g)
Warranty 1 Year