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ALPHAIN provides security products for both professional and personal use. Our portfolio includes CCTV cameras, communication devices, security systems, surveillance equipment, protection devices and more. Our assortment of products gives companies the opportunity to monitor and control leaking of confidential data, protect against theft or industrial espionage, for private citizens to enforce their personal safety, protect their personal belongings, monitor their households and prevent malicious activity. Our products aid in monitoring kids at home, house-keepers, pets or any other aspect of their daily lives.

Today many solutions are available on the market that offer numerous features and use a multitude of different technologies. In a fast-paced field we pick the best products that meet our customers demands and our own high-standard requirements. We conduct our own tests and verification only if the product meets those high standards will it be accepted and available to our customers.

Our services include professional counseling, technical service, warranty, authorized repair and service after warranty.

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