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Payment / VAT free orders

Which payment methods are available?

Available methods of payment are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card

Available payment methods may vary and will be determined by region, country or value of the order. All available payment methods will be presented at check-out before confirming your order.

When paying by Bank Transfer ensure to transfer the correct total amount and/or from the correct account if purchasing as a company. Any incorrect payments will be subject to an administrative fee!


Payment processing time

Each payment method may take some time to clear, before we are able to process and ship-out your order. Here are some typical processing times for individual payment methods.

Bank Transfer:

Within the European Union: 1-2 business days
International: 2-4 business days

Credit Card:

up-to 1-2 hours typically


Why is my VAT different? - EU VAT regulation (since 1.7.2021)

All prices on our website are shown with 22% Slovenian VAT applied. As of 01.07.2021, in B2C distance selling (transactions with end consumers), the previously applicable VAT delivery thresholds in the EU will be abolished and tax amounts will be owed directly in the country of delivery. The so-called "distance selling regulation" will then apply.

From this point on, cross-border deliveries of goods to non-businesses will be taxable in the destination member state, and the corresponding amount of VAT will be payable there.

This means, for example, that as of 1.7.21, 21% VAT will be shown on invoices for deliveries to Belgium, and 25% VAT will be shown on invoices for deliveries to Sweden. The recipient in Italy therefore no longer benefits from the 22% VAT rate in Slovenia.

Therefore your final VAT will be calculated at checkout and it may differ from the price shown on our website with 22% Slovenian VAT applied.


I'm VAT Registered in the EU - can I place my order without VAT applied?

Sure, in this case you will need to register a customer account on our website, add the shipping & billing address and a valid VAT Number to your account after registering and then contact us so that we can flag it as VAT Exempted. Then you will be able to place your orders VAT-free.

We will not refund VAT for already paid orders or orders that did not follow the above procedure. For any corrective measures an administrative fee will be charged for any such orders. 


Non-EU / VAT-Free orders

Customers from outside the European Union will be VAT-Exempted and their order will contain 0% VAT. Shipping destination must be outside the European Union.

Customers outside the European Union will be required to cover VAT and any customs or other import taxes mandated by their country.


Will I need to pay any other Taxes or costs?

For customers within the European Union no extra taxes or import costs are charged for their orders. There are also no customs checks.

Customers outside the European Union will be required to cover any VAT and/or additional customs charges or import fees required by their country. Customers should consult with their country's customs or other relevant authorities for details. We are unable to predict these costs.


Payment mistakes, Errors, Incorrect Bank Transfers, Wrong Payments

A administrative fee amounting to the incurred bank and/or payment processor fees, or in other tasks a fee of 30 Euros will be charged for any corrective administrative tasks such as incorrect bank transfers, payment or billing mistakes, over-payments or short-payments and other related administrative tasks, which are a result of not following the proper process as stated.